With over 15 years of retail experience at big name retailers, Ranisha Scott started Shopaholics in 2012, however her passion for the fashion industry began much earlier. Ranisha’s father owned a clothing store in the 80’s and 90’s and at an early age she was exposed to visits to clothing vendors, samples sales and “trendspotting”. This immersion into the industry only grew over the years, manifesting itself into thrift shop and vintage clothing excursions as well as experimenting with bold looks and colors. After years of being asked to join other retail stores, and assisting in creating looks for others, Ranisha created the trendy yet affordable fashion jewelry and accessory boutique Shopaholics. With the celebrity inspired styles along-side the rare vintage and vintage inspired looks, Ranisha is able to provide styling tips, personal shopping and facilitate special orders through Shopaholics. The term “shopaholic” stands for a person considered to be addicted to shopping. Ranisha works through her addiction by providing her customers with the best looks at a fashionable price.